#BAZAAREscape: Top 5 Blissful Islands To Visit In Sweden

Ever thought of visiting Sweden? The country brought us big brands such as Ikea, H&M, and Volvo to name a few. Join us as we explore Swedish holiday destinations.

Oland / Photo by Samuel Horn af Rantzien_Unsplash

Hej, it's time for Sweden!

It's great if you have visited Stockholm and Gothenburg and had a fruitful experience and some fantastic memories along your way. But now, let us lead the way for you by escaping to the coast to catch some rays and lasting peace of mind. If you've never been to the islands in Sweden, it's time. The calmness of the islands came as a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Here are the five idyllic islands you should not miss during your next summer trip to Sweden.

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Tjorn / Photo by Drahomir Posteby Mach_Unsplash

Kick off your summer getaway at Tjorn to embrace art and nature. The central part of the island is made up of small farmsteads, surrounded by historical landscapes. Make sure to head across the crystal-like ice-blue sea to explore the west coast. For a cultural experience, visit the Nordic Watercolor Museum by the sea on the outskirts of Skärhamn to appreciate a series of world-class artworks.

The 14-meter-high sculpture ANNA by the Spanish artist Jaume Plensa which sits high on the cliffs is truly magnificent. A few small towns along the rocky coastline with red-roofed houses are absolutely picturesque. Between your art experience, hiking and cycling there are many amazing things to do on this island. Follow the trail that takes you on winding path over smooth coastal rocks, through wind-bent pine forests, and across sea-strand meadows, all the way to Sculpture in Pilane. Before heading back, take a morning walk, its the perfect way to rejuvenate your soul. 

Location: Town of Skärhamn

Journey: 1.5 hour of flight from Gothenburg (GOT) / 1 hour drive north of Gothenburg

Best time to visit: June – September

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