The Escape: Postcards from Seoul’s Best Skincare Spots

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Lee Moon Won Clinic

One of the most understated elements of Korean beauty is hair care. Besides having porcelain-smooth complexion, Koreans have some of the silkiest hairs in all of Asia–despite their extreme weather conditions in summer & winter. The magic lies within its traditional medicinal hair care practice that have been at the core of Korean wellness for generations through decades of research and studies. Lee Moon Won Clinic caters for all hair care needs, from maintenance hair & head spas (which are favorites for many Korean celebrities), to targeted treatments for hair-related concerns. Dr. Lee will personally prescribe treatments to salon visitors through a thorough scalp examination and a quick survey before leading you to one of the few luxurious treatment rooms on the 2nd floor for your session. Hair spa packages are of the salon’s best-selling menu list, that features a deep cleansing routine of the scalp, pressure-point head massage to promote better blood circulation, and even a hair styling service at their in-house salon to get you all beautied up for the day!

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Where? 33, Seolleung-ro 132-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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