The Wedding Of Your Dreams, At One&Only Desaru Coast

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Luxuriously spacious, Villa One is able to accommodate up to 100 guests. Picture a small bachelorette party with the girls. Or an outdoor wedding reception framed by lush trees with the panoramic view of azure waters as your backdrop. Villa One promises moments to remember on your special day because every corner here is just picture-perfect.

The livingroom of Villa One, One&Only Desaru Coast opens out to both the central courtyard (in background) as well as the private pool overlooking the sea.

The Villa One master bedroom is located right next to the swimming pool, and opens out to a panoramic view of the seascape.

With its expansive lawn, right by the beach embraced by lush trees, Villa One offers a most picturesque venue for an outdoor wedding reception. The site marries the comforts and intimacy of home with a world-class bespoke resort service.

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One&Only Desaru Coast

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