Where to Honeymoon in 2020

Of all the most socially acceptable reasons to take a whole bunch of time off from work, a honeymoon may just be your splurgiest, most over-the-top trip. We’ve combed the planet for the best romantic holidays across every climate, season, and category—from short-hop mini-moons to far-flung forays into the exotic.

For the ultimate jet-setters planning on both a short, post-nuptial trip and an epic honeymoon around your first anniversary, we suggest one destination closer to home, and another more off-the-beaten path. If you’re getting hitched in 2020, here are the top ten destinations that should land on your honeymoon shortlist.

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5. Zimbabwe


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“Zimbabwe is in a renaissance period, and there’s a lot of new innovation,” explains Wil Smith, of Deeper Africa. “In neighboring nations, safari companies have raced to the top, trying to outdo each other with their luxury glamping efforts. And although tourism can be a force for good—both for conversation and the community—the need for air conditioning, hot showers and refrigeration could consume an embarrassing amount of petroleum-based fuel. But in Zimbabwe, the new eco-luxury model is aimed at striking a balance between impact and experiences,” Smit continues, citing Ingwe Pan Camp as a prime example of measured luxury. “It’s built near a watering area that attracts wildlife to the camp, so less fuel is consumed on game drives. Electricity is provided by solar panels which is sufficient to power low-energy lights and appliances, and the entire camp is designed to be dismantled so that the land can return to its natural state in less than two years.”

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Teresa Sullivan of Mango Safaris endorses Zimbabwe as a destination that’s “more about adventure than top luxury, which is so refreshing in today’s safari camp scene.” Hwange Bush Camp, and Sapi Explorers Camp are her favorites.

Finish your trip at the decidedly swank Chikwenya (https://wilderness-safaris.com/our-camps/camps/chikwenya) or at one of African Bush Camps’ outposts, which have helped breathe new life into the Mana Pools National Park—an area, despite its mandate, that relies on private funding to buoy its conservation efforts.

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