Where to Honeymoon in 2020

Of all the most socially acceptable reasons to take a whole bunch of time off from work, a honeymoon may just be your splurgiest, most over-the-top trip. We’ve combed the planet for the best romantic holidays across every climate, season, and category—from short-hop mini-moons to far-flung forays into the exotic.

For the ultimate jet-setters planning on both a short, post-nuptial trip and an epic honeymoon around your first anniversary, we suggest one destination closer to home, and another more off-the-beaten path. If you’re getting hitched in 2020, here are the top ten destinations that should land on your honeymoon shortlist.

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4. Sumba Indonesia

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“Now that Bali is so built up and overcrowded, the island of Sumba has become the shiny new toy where an off-track, authentic Indonesian experience can still be found,” exclaims George Morgan-Grenville of Red Savannah. “Like all destinations in the spotlight, it will eventually go the same way as Bali with new resorts emerging and more already on the drawing board, so our advice is go now before it’s too late,” Morgan-Grenville continues.

Both Morgan-Grenville and Lavery endorse Nihi Sumba, now famous as the site of Jennifer Lawrence’s recent honeymoon, as the go-to sport when vacationing on the upwardly trending island. “Located in front of God’s Left, one of the world’s most epic surf breaks, Nihi embodies a laid-back surfer ethos…with a few luxury trimmings,” says Lavery. “The resort’s butler-serviced villas are nearly faultless, and the compendium of on-site activities are varied enough to keep guests occupied for weeks (two words: Spa Safari!). In 2020, Nihi’s partnership with Rascal Voyages, a luxury charter company, extends the Nihi experience into the waters of the Indonesian archipelago. Board Rascal’s five-cabin Phinsi yacht to explore Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat, two of the world’s premier dive destinations,” Lavery adds.

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