Why Hawaii Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Hawaii has become synonymous with tropical paradise: an unbeatable destination to get some sun and saltwater for the soul. Aside from the incredible waves for the surfer dude, we delve into the lesser known reasons as to why Hawaii is the ultimate bucket list destination.

Underwater on Kona Island of Hawaii. Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

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The joyful spirit of the island is undeniable and no doubt, life is certainly good on paradise. The warm Hawaiian soul can be characterised through a handful of unique gestures: talking about the Shaka in particular while also not forgetting the quintessential cheery cry of ‘Aloha’! The former, a symbol of ‘Hang Loose’ is a combination of putting one’s thumb and pinky in the air. The Shaka finds its roots deep in Hawaiian surf culture and now translates as a worldwide gesture of positivity and all around Good Vibes. You can throw it up while riding the waves like a true local or virtually any instance of overwhelming merriment, which as we now know comes by naturally for the locals. The latter encapsulates the happy state of mind distinct to the island. The Aloha greeting is most often paired with a big toothy smile. Upon arrival, it is common to be adorned with a fresh flower garland called lei and the lei represent peace and love. Soon enough you’ll be thanking the people that are dear to you and perhaps all around with a grateful and heartfelt ‘Mahalo’. It is not only the sun and surf that makes the Hawaiians harmonious happy people, it is truly a lifestyle.

Pukalani Open Ceiling Cave, Kauai. Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

Weaving traditional lei, Kauai. Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

Paddling on Kamakahonu Beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

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