10 Best Private Islands In The World–And Where To Find Them

These natural wonders can be the ultimate way to reset in style. Tom Marchant

Courtesy of Black Tomato

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While there are more island getaways and resorts than can be counted, having a private island at your disposal is (naturally) one of the most decadent and undeniably exclusive experience in existence. Remote, uncharted, unfettered and in many instances, inaccessible, these natural wonders can be the ultimate way to reset in style. Going off the grid has great implications for mental and physical well-being; and whether you’re seeking a villa or suite–or an entire island all to yourself–these are the very best private islands on which to unwind, rejuvenate and explore.

Take a note from Proust, who notably said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” On your very own retreat, you are bound to see dazzling flora and fauna (much of which is unique to these islands’ isolated ecosystems) and taste and feel vibrant community cultures. Here, the top ten private islands on Earth–and where to find them.

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1. North Island: Seychelles

Courtesy of Black Tomato

For something truly extravagant, look no further than North Island, where Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge honeymooned. An exclusive and secluded paradise, this five hundred acre island is a sanctuary that has garnered Seychelles a reputation as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.” With accommodations for just a few lucky travelers, the island is utterly tranquil and private–so much so that you likely won’t see another guest throughout your stay.

Fly in by helicopter, landing discreetly at the on-site helipad, and check out the stunning white-sand beaches that line the east and west side of the island, with a library, spa, gym and ’round-the-clock in-villa spa treatments at your disposal. What makes this gem truly shine is the island’s utterly bespoke and discreet service–including a ‘no menu’ policy. Here, the chef meets with each guest and creates inspiring meals based on their specific tastes and preferences, complemented with wine from their extensive cellar. The dedicated staff will set up a candlelight dinner anywhere, be it the Island Piazza, in-villa or by moonlight at one of the many secluded beach spots dotting the island. Renting out the entire island gives you exclusive access to its 11 villas, replete with giant terraces with sweeping ocean views, private butlers and island buggies. The crown jewel here is Villa 11, the 8,000 square foot and totally isolated villa with an oversized bath made for two and the best views on the island. It doesn’t get much more glamorous than this.

Rates from $442,000 (for the entire island) for 7 nights. Book here.

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