A Luxury Guide To Mallorca

Because there’s more to this Balearic beauty than the ‘Love Island’ villa. By Caroline Lewis

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Since Love Island hit our screens on 5 June, flight searches to Mallorca have risen by almost a third (according to booking site kiwi.com), with fans of the show seeking a similarly sun-drenched escape. But there’s so much more to the island than a villa full of singletons; side-step Magaluf’s strip and you’ll find an island of Unesco-listed mountains, secret coves and golden hilltop villages. Here’s how to do Mallorca the luxury way.

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The hotel: Cap Rocat

An imposing 19th-century fortress, perched on the cliffs of the Bay of Palma, Cap Rocat epitomises the romantic charm of Mallorca. The hotel is a luxury hideaway situated on its own peninsula: stroll across the drawbridge into a fairy-tale Mediterranean courtyard, take a dip in a pool carved into the ramparts, or lodge within former surveillance points in the new Sentinels, cut into the rock face and furnished with local fabrics. Kate Kelley
From £337 a room a night with Small Luxury Hotels (0800 0482 314).

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