The Microbiome Movement is The Future of Beauty

B&B Labs CustoMask

The microbiome movement is gaining traction globally as each individual is learning how to care for their skin’s microbiome. Microorganisms are closely related to skin biology and skin barrier. Therefore a stable microbiota is necessary to preserve healthy skin. With this, B&B Labs released a certified microbiome-friendly sheet mask range (also known as CustoMask 2.0) comprised of prebiotic ingredients curated to maintain your skin’s microbial ecosystem while achieving a youthful complexion.

By utilizing botanicals, herbs, and fruit extracts from around Asia, B&B Labs adhere to creating safe, effective, and precise efficacious skincare products.  Moreover, the product line is developed and tested by cosmetic experts, dermatologists, and scientists. To bring efficient skincare options to consumers, they are transparent about the plant-based ingredients used in its formulations and support sustainable practice.

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The therapeutic-grade facial mask is powered with ECOLOGY PLUS+ (scientifically proven ingredient)providing a microbiome that is highly beneficial to the skin. As for the ingredients, B&B labs sources from the Malaysian tropical rainforest and Asian cosmeceuticals. These ingredients are unique to SEA. Durian flavonoids, Mangosteen Xanthones, Aloe Vera, and  Pure Hyaluronic Acid are some of the key ingredients to radiant skin.

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“Not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor does synthetic equate to bad. Clean skincare is where those two collide and we consciously curate ingredients with no compromises”. – says CEO and Co-Founder Julius Lim

Top Left: RENEW Brightening Graphene Mask with GWP, REDUCE Purifying Bamboo Mask with GWP, REVIVE Nourishing Fruit Mask with GWP, RELIEVE Calming Tea Mask with GWP, REFRESH Hydrating Cottonseed Mask with GWP

CustoMask 2.0 comes in 5 different efficacy targeted for various skin concerns, containing 30ml of active constituent and fragrance with 100% pure essential oil, retails at RM130 per pack of 5 sheets. If you are looking for a more effective skin performance, try Micro-Molecule Gentle Cleansing Solution before applying masks.

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You can now identify your ideal microbiome mask by completing a Skin Prescriber which help determine your skin condition accurately. Get your recommended products after received the results. Happy masking!

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