Escape to Malacca

Experience something a little different, why don’t you, like the world’s only wellness resort located in a tropical fruit farm? Head to Malacca where the Orchard Wellness & Health Resort lets you “relax, reboot, and recharge” in a restful environment but with the best health tech in the market. Bio-Resonance and InBody Health scans determine a programme tailored to your needs, starting with some crisp, fresh air – imagine 110 acres of greenery with over 400 types of organic fruits. Apart from the gym, yoga, jogging, trekking, and boxing, get in shape with fun yet strengthening aqua aerobics. Then, a wealth of spa treats awaits. Sink into an aromatherapy-infused Jacuzzi, soothe your senses in the steam room, and discover the detoxifying prowess of a Far Infrared sauna. Try the body scrub of refreshing papaya and pineapple, followed by an invigorating Balinese massage. Return to the city, rejuvenated after a blissful weekend.

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