The Chenot Method of the Chenot Spa at One & Only Desaru Coast


One & Only Desaru Coast is one of Malaysia’s must visit destinations if you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate. A tranquil escape tucked along the shores of the Desaru Coast, this renowned resort is home to the acclaimed Chenot Spa. Implementing and practicing the Chenot approach to their wellness treatments, we speak to chief operating and scientific officer, Dr. George Gaitanos to explain more on what exactly is the Chenot method and how it has been implemented to the Chenot Spa at One & Only Desaru Coast.


How would you define Chenot’s approach to spa treatments and wellness?

Dr.GG: Chenot is one of the leading pioneers in the health wellness industry and our approach and methodology, the Chenot Method®, have evolved with science throughout the years. Incorporating science-based treatments with our spa concept came naturally and with the concept of Chenot Spa, especially within One&Only Desaru Coast, Malaysia, this vision has become reality. Nowadays, there is a lot more to wellness than just massages, guests are becoming more interested in diagnostics-driven and targeted spa experiences. By adding certain elements to the overall offerings of Chenot and combining them with what the location has to offer, just gives a more unique yet truly holistic wellness journey. At Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast, guests can choose from a variety of short programmes such as the three-day Chenot Relax Programme designed to destress and soothe the nervous system, featuring Chenot massages, Phyto-mud and neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, biofeedback training and yoga. Those looking to optimise their fitness levels, strengthening body and mind, can opt for the three-day Chenot Fitness Programme, which includes nutritional consultations, physical assessments as well as deep tissue massages and personal training sessions. Specially engineered for golfers, the three-day Chenot Golf Programme helps to improve posture using recovery massages, stretching sessions and access to the neighbouring 9-hole golf course at the Els Club. 

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What differentiates the Chenot experience from other establishments?

Dr.GG: Each Chenot Spa is unique as the treatments and programmes are designed in synergy with the offerings of the location. While we do not offer medical treatments at a Chenot Spa level, we have put together a preliminary set of science-based diagnostics which allows the spa professionals to tailor treatments and create programmes bespoke to each individual. Some treatments are equipped with technologies capable of providing effective results when combined with traditional spa experiences.  For example, we have combined meditation, relaxation massage, and training with biofeedback devices to bring calmness and strengthen emotional balance. 


Have you incorporated any Malaysian elements into the treatments offered at Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast?

Dr.GG: As mentioned above, the offerings at Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast has been put together ensuring that Chenot treatments and science-based diagnostics complement what the destination provides. And most importantly, the Chenot Spa experience is delivered by highly trained spa professionals in combination with unrivalled Malaysian hospitality. 


What does the ‘Chenot Method’ entail?

Dr.GG: For an overview, the Chenot Method® has been designed with integrated detox treatments and diet plans that support the natural cleansing functions of the body. Although Chenot Spa does not offer Chenot’s highly extensive week-long detox programmes, we have expertly put together a set of treatments and diagnostics that are inspired by the protocols of our Method. These are our renowned Massages, Phyto-Mud, and science-backed treatments and diagnostics. 



Could you please tell us what you consider to be a signature service of Chenot Spa is, and why it exemplifies what Chenot stands for?

Dr.GG: When Chenot develops or puts its mark on an experience, in this case, for Chenot Spa services, we ensure that each touch point and offer are Chenot signature.

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What was the reason behind opening Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast?

Dr.GG: Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast is the first Spa within our Global Partnership with One&Only Resorts and this is also our first ever Chenot experience to be introduced in Asia. The location played an important role as well as it provides the perfect backdrop for someone to start their journey to wellness with Chenot. 


Do you believe that the architecture and the beautiful natural environment of One&Only Desaru Coast complements the health-wellness programmes offered?

Dr.GG: Embarking on a journey to wellness touches all the senses and with the stunning architecture and location of One&Only Desaru Coast, it certainly provides a calming and relaxing ambiance for guests to fully focus on what matters most – their health wellness.


How would you like customers to feel after their visit to Chenot Spa?

Dr.GG: Ultimately, our aim is to leave guests feeling fully recharged and full of vitality – something we share deeply with the One&Only brand. The One&Only brand focuses on delivering pure ‘joy’; the Chenot brand on ‘vitality’. Together, we deliver a truly rare and precious experience.



Ms. Swee Mei Tew, wellness and leisure manager at One & Only Desaru Coast also chimes in to recommend treatments available at the property. 


What are the signature programmes at Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast?

SMT: Our 3-day Chenot Relax Programme is our most comprehensive offering for those looking to rejuvenate from within. This programme is the most ideal showcase of the Chenot Method, which examines with scientific accuracy an array of markers within the body to assess its condition. The assessment then allows us to curate a sophisticated set of bespoke treatments and diet plans that work in synergy to support and stimulate the body. Besides the check-up and diet, guests can look forward to a selection of massages, treatments and physical activities in this holistic programme. Our other signature treatments include the Chenot Detox Body Massage to eliminate toxins, or the Chenot Connective Tissue Massage to aid with releasing chronic tension.

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What treatment would you recommend to someone who is looking to relax and reset?

SMT: Guests often visit our spa at One&Only Desaru Coast with a variety of body concerns, and they come looking for a total reset of their senses. But just like how each of us are unique, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment at Chenot Spa. That is the beauty and strength of the Chenot Method – we believe in science-based applications that support the natural healing process of each individual body. For someone specifically looking to relax and reset, I would recommend starting off with a bio-energetic check-up. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, he or she can try out the Chenot Head & Shoulders Massage to alleviate stress, or the Chenot Relaxing Massage to promote physical and mental wellbeing.



In your opinion, what is the most important thing that makes a spa experience a perfect one?

SMT: Any spa can provide a soothing and relaxing ambience. Here at One&Only Desaru Coast, our spa is beautifully etched into the unspoilt rainforests and coastline of Desaru, setting the stage for a tremendously renewing experience in nature. However the effectiveness of the treatment and whether it actually addresses a guest’s body concerns is by far the most important aspect of a perfect spa experience. We strive to have all our guests leave feeling truly revitalised from within, having gained valuable insights on their minds and bodies in order to work on their wellbeing in the long run.


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