These Four Digital Artists Are Making Their Voices Heard

These Four Digital Artists Are Making Their Voices Heard

Art and creativity have a new digital canvas
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Laura Callaghan


An illustration from Callaghan's 2016 exhibition, 'Aspirational'


A close-up at Callaghan's hyper-detailed female characters break down the overall narrative with individual stories


Callaghan has mastered the art of creating thought-provoking, female-orientated pieces

This London-based illustrator’s incredibly detailed, female-focused work truly reflects the times for modern women.¬†Her illustrations channel feminism, lending power and confidence to the female characters in everyday life, regardless of racial identity, body size; from women in a bookstore, to ladies protesting on the streets.

Her solo show, ‘Aspirational’, in 2016 delved into the double-edged sword of Internet living, where perfect curations sometimes shield us from reality. “It’s important that my illustrations are relatable and accessible,” she says. “I’m trying to create narratives within my work and those stories don’t just belong to one girl.”

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