Sandro Collaborates with French Artist and Designer Louis Barthelémy

The SANDRO x Louis Barthelémy collaboration features vibrant prints and colours that are perfect for summer.

Just in time for summer, the SANDRO x Louis Barthelémy capsule is everything we need in our summer capsule: colourful, bold and sophisticated. In an exclusive interview, we speak to Evelyne Chetrite, Founder and Artistic Director of SANDRO, and Louis Barthelémy about their favourite pieces, and the importance of keeping craft and heritage alive.

SANDRO x Louis Barthélemy 


Please tell us about the collaboration and how it came about. What was the inspiration and what makes it so special?

Evelyne: I was born and raised in Morocco. This country is dear to my heart, and I always wanted to celebrate its craftsmanship, its art of living, its light, its vibrations. I had seen Louis’ work many times and found that his colourful and poetic way of highlighting Morocco resonated with my vision. Creatively, my instincts guide my choices, and I knew there was something to be done together … I didn’t want a literal staging of Morocco, but something more subtle, discreet, but at the same time joyful.

Louis Barthélemy: It all started with the design development of a silk scarf inspired by the pictorial universe of figurative Moroccan painter Mohamed Ben Ali L’Rbati who gained recognition for his unique and distinctive style of painting depicting cheery scenes of the Tangier life in the XIXth century. His paintings are known for their vibrant colours, intricate details, and complex compositions that often incorporate traditional Moroccan architecture, geometric patterns, and graphic borders. A colourful nod to a Moroccan artist whose work I particularly love found in joyful prints decorating an optimistic wardrobe.


We love the vibrant prints and colours, who do you think the collection would appeal to and what message would you like to convey through the collection?

Evelyne: I think it can appeal to all the women, no matter their age, size or country. I hope the vibrant prints and colours will bring joy and happiness to our customers, and a little touch of Morocco.

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Louis Barthélemy: It will appeal to young and curious women with a great sense of style and colours. A clientele also appreciative of crafts and sensitive to the social impact fashion may have through its production methods. My aim was to deliver joy and optimism through this fresh and festive wardrobe.


What did you enjoy most from this collaboration and what have you learnt from it?

Evelyne: I really enjoyed confronting my vision and love of Morocco with Louis. The creative capsules are a great opportunity to broaden one’s perspective, and to get a new perspective.

Louis Barthélemy: My conversation with Evelyne Chetrite and translating our respective love for Morocco through colourful drawings.

Sandro Louis Barthélemy collaborate with Doum for women coorperative


The capsule also features amazing bucket bags made by the DOUM FOR WOMEN cooperative. Will we see more of this outside of the collaboration?

Evelyne : We have collaborated many times with artists, or craftsmen and we will absolutely keep on exploring this kind of partnership.

Louis Barthélemy: I hope SANDRO and DOUM FOR WOMEN will carry on working together closely past this collaboration which was an introduction project for both entities.


Do you have any favourite pieces from the collection and why?

Evelyne: Difficult to choose only one … but I believe the shirts. The shapes are masculine, but the colours and materials are ultra feminine. At Sandro, we love to mix genres and contrast silhouettes. I have a love for shirts, I think I got it from my grandfather who was a shirt tailor.

Louis Barthélemy: I would say the bucket bag in natural straw and leather, with the printed pouch,  entirely crafted by the DOUM FOR WOMEN cooperative in Marrakech. Beyond the beauty of this wonderfully crafted bag, I love this item because it engaged with a local  cooperative which aims to preserve traditions in a modern way and to share Moroccan crafts all over the world so that the women practising them can become empowered and financially independent.

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In a fast-paced world where trends have a strong grip in our lives, is there a place for craft and heritage? And why are these important?

Evelyne: Yes, absolutely and I am very attached to craftsmanship. The gesture in craftsmanship is something immensely precious. No machine or algorithm can ever replace the hand of men and women. If a gesture is forgotten, it is lost forever. Naturally with this capsule, I wanted to celebrate Moroccan craftsmanship, but also Moroccan women. The women of DOUM are artisans with golden hands! This cooperative allows women from rural Moroccan communities to be independent and autonomous. We must always defend and work for women. DOUM ensures the safeguard of an ancestral craft heritage, in this instance, basketry.

Louis Barthélemy: Yes, there is definitely a place for craft and heritage in the fast-paced fashion industry. In fact, many designers and brands have started to incorporate traditional techniques and artisanal craftsmanship into their collections as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to provide unique and sustainable products to consumers.

Craft and heritage can be used in a variety of ways in the fashion industry. For example, some designers may use traditional embroidery, weaving, or dyeing techniques to create intricate designs and patterns on their garments. Others may incorporate handcrafted details, such as beading or lacework, into their collections. In addition to adding value to the final product, incorporating craft and heritage into fashion can also help to support and preserve traditional techniques and crafts that might otherwise be lost. By working with skilled artisans and traditional craftspeople, fashion designers can help to keep these techniques alive and pass them on to future generations.


Following this, what do you think needs to change in the fashion industry?

Evelyne: Absolutely, I am happy because a change has already begun. At Sandro, throughout the seasons and collections, our priority has always been to make high quality products, and to make luxury and style accessible. Today, in addition to this demand for quality, we have a reinforced duty of responsibility towards the environment and people, and with it, a desire for transparency towards our customers. Our commitments are based on structured and concrete approaches with measurable objectives over time. While we are proud of the results we have already achieved, for example, in reducing the environmental impact of our materials or in the traceability of our production lines, we are taking this path in all humility in the face of the challenges ahead. However, these numerous challenges do not diminish our determination to constantly improve in order to reconcile elegance and responsibility.

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Louis Barthélemy: The fashion industry needs to prioritise sustainability and ethical practices by reducing its carbon footprint, using eco-friendly materials, paying fair wages to workers, and promoting diversity and inclusivity. Fast fashion must be replaced with a circular economy that values quality and longevity over quantity and disposability. Consumers also need to be educated about the impact of their choices and encouraged to support ethical and sustainable brands.

Sandro Louis Barthélemy 


How do you think we can encourage “more dialogue between cultures”?

Evelyne: It something that should be celebrated and encouraged. We are equal, and our richness comes from our diversity.

Louis Barthélemy: Encouraging dialogues between cultures can be achieved by promoting cultural exchange programs, organising intercultural events, and creating opportunities for people from different cultures to collaborate on projects. It is also important to facilitate language learning, as it can help break down communication barriers. Encouraging individuals to be open-minded, respectful, and curious about other cultures is also key to fostering understanding and mutual respect between different cultures.


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