The A-to-Z Guide To ROSÉ

The Blackpink vocalist and dancer with the unmistakable voice and mesmerising moves, ROSÉ talks candidly to BAZAAR about everything from her favourite emoji and film to performing and travelling.

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T: Travel
Favourite travel destination?

Every time I go to Hawaii, it has always been so much fun. I actually haven’t travelled a lot, so I’m going to try to visit as many places as possible to find my favourite. I do want to go to Greece. It’s a popular travel destination and I think the white buildings there are so beautiful.

U: Uniqueness
The most unique thing to you these days?

The movie I’ve recently just watched was so unique, but I don’t know if I should say it [giggle]. I happened to watch The Bad Batch, without even knowing its plot or any other information about the film. But its cinematography and mise-en-scène were so creative, unique, and beautiful.

V: Voice
Tell us about ROSÉ’s voice.

I think people’s individualities and personalities are revealed through their voices. I think my voice is something that expresses me well, which is not that special [laughs].

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W: Waves
When do you feel waves of emotions?

I used to like nights. I’ve always been emotional at night, but I’ve been loving the daytime more these days. Warm days. I just have more thoughts during the day when the sunlight is warm. Something in me has changed. Nowadays, I just get sleepy at night [laugh].

A message of love to those who read this interview.

I love you guys! [laugh]

Y: Yves Saint Laurent
What does Yves Saint Laurent mean to ROSÉ?

I’ve got to do a lot of things with Saint Laurent, and it’s always new and exciting!

Z: Zzz
What do you do before bed?

I always watch something. I have an active imagination, so if I’m not watching something, I spend a lot of time thinking about what’s going on in my mind. And when I can’t sleep, I always just have to watch something. Whereas when I listen to music, I end up focusing on the music [laugh]. So I fall asleep watching a non-serious, light Netflix series or movie.

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