The A-to-Z Guide To ROSÉ

The Blackpink vocalist and dancer with the unmistakable voice and mesmerising moves, ROSÉ talks candidly to BAZAAR about everything from her favourite emoji and film to performing and travelling.

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N: Nature
The moment you feel close to nature.

I often look up to the sky. I like the times when I’m in the car looking at the sky and blanking out without thinking about anything.

O: Origin
The fundamental things that make up ROSÉ.

It’s music. Because it’s the closest way to express my heart.

P: Performance
When you’re on stage.

Being on stage is so much fun. There are times when I enjoy it and there are times when I don’t as much, but in the end, I think it’s where I belong. As we move from one tour destination to the next, it can get quite exhausting but that all disappears once I’m on stage. It’s as if time has come to a standstill.

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Q: Question mark
Most recent curiosity?

‘How do other people live? What is their process and what thoughts could they be having?’ Where are you going in your life and what are you thinking?’ Also, when I see people of a different age than me, I often think, ‘Will I be thinking like that when I’m around that age?’

Who is ROSÉ?

That’s too difficult to answer. Hmmm. Someone who tries to live a good life every day? I’m an ordinary person who has the will to live a good life [smile].

S: Sunday
Your Sunday routine.

I don’t really have a routine that’s specific to the day of the week. But when I have time to rest, I really like to space out and do nothing. I wake up when I feel like it, order food when I get hungry, and if I want to meet up with my friends, I just call them up spontaneously and go see them.

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