The A-to-Z Guide To ROSÉ

The Blackpink vocalist and dancer with the unmistakable voice and mesmerising moves, ROSÉ talks candidly to BAZAAR about everything from her favourite emoji and film to performing and travelling.

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G: Goosebumps
Something that makes you shiver because you like it so much.

I haven’t had the chance to meet my fans through live performances these days and looking back, that was really the best of times. So it’s definitely meeting fans on stage and at performances.

Your most memorable birthday.

I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when I was eight. Before I moved to Australia, I heard that Australian mangoes were delicious and very cheap—people would buy them in boxes. Because of that, I thought of Australia as the “country of mangoes”. So on my first birthday in Australia, my mom bought me a mango-covered cake, which was so incredible. It was a cake completely covered with expensive mangoes, until you couldn’t even see the cream underneath. I was so happy then that I still remember that moment fondly [laughs].

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I: Icon
What does ‘iconic’ mean to ROSÉ?

Wouldn’t it definitely relate to someone’s style? It’s when someone has their own style and can express it in their own, cool way. I think everybody has his or her own iconic features.

J: Jokes
Do you laugh at jokes often?

People around me always say, “Chaeyoung, you don’t have to laugh if it’s not funny.” I laugh easily when someone tells a joke.


K: Kindness
The power of kindness.

I always want to be kind to everyone because we all have feelings, and we don’t know what kind of day someone is having. Kindness is something easy you can do as a human being, right?

L: Lyric
Your favourite lyrics?

“Fear is just a part of love/And one thing I found/Is love is what you save” from Freakin’ Out On The Interstate by Briston Maroney. I think these lyrics are really beautiful. And I really like the guitar solo that follows right after this part.

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M: Mum
Relationship with your mother.

Sometimes I get annoyed by my mum’s nagging, but as time goes by, she has grown to become my best friend. My mum is such a strong and wonderful friend!

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