7 New Books You Need To Read In August

Whether fiction or nonfiction or short- or long-form, the best of late-summer books are all variations of the theme of contemporary life; academics and debut novelists and internet-era social critics alike are training their lenses on small slices of modern existence. Here, a selection of the month's finest reading that's as entertaining as it is intellectually urgent.

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‘Caca Dolce’ By Chelsea Martin

The unapologetically brazen and lovably frank author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever breaks into the essay form while maintaining her signature prose style that seems natural and off-the-cuff but belies a labyrinth of subtlety and contemplation underneath. This collection of personal reminiscences—at turns shocking and yet surprisingly relatable—reveal as many seminal, universal truths about the complexities of coming of age in the digital era as they do the deep contemplations of a truly unique and gifted writer and young woman.

Caca Dolce by Chelsea Martin, $17, amazon.com on August 22.

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