8 Greatest Movies To Watch While You’re Self-Isolating

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3. The Garden Of Evening Mists (2019)

“The palest ink will endure beyond the memories of man”― Tan Twan Eng, author of “The Garden of The Evening Mists”

In a setting of quasi-mythical lushness, a refined, patrician character must come to terms with a painful history. Amid “the stillness of the mountains” and “the depth of the silence”, a story deliberately unfolds. As Aritomo settles in the hilltops of Malaya and begins to build Yugiri, a “garden of evening mists”, the narrative turns to the fascinating relationship between Yun Ling, daughter of a prosperous Chinese Malaysian family (and the sole survivor of a prisoner-of-war camp) and gardener Aritomo.

Courtesy of Astro Shaw

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