It’s Art Attack August!

With a versatile background in the disciples of all things creative and a penchant for arts and words, Founder of The Artsy Craftsy and co-organizer of craft market, The Craft Affair, Toh Shia Lynn quotes her success to the simple desire of pursuing the life of a creativepreneur. Armed with a vision to grow The Artsy Craftsy to more than just a blog, in has at present day developed into a creative studio where she curates a monthly line up of workshops with novelty value hosted every weekend. BAZAAR speaks to Shia Lynn on this emerging platform that has caught the creative communities by storm.

What is the selection process behind deciding on the topic of workshop?

Firstly, we browse through the current trends in the creative community and secondly, we look through what sort of activities that hasn’t been taught or lack in the scene. We do this because we want to have a balance of different types of workshops where we can still fulfill the “Pinterest” craving enthusiasts while introducing the community to other types of arts & crafts that perhaps might not have yet catch up with the trend yet. Our concept is not just to offer workshops that are trendy, but to educate the community and encourage a well-balanced, creative lifestyle living with different types of hobbies and crafts. When you develop a creative hobby or an interest, you develop self-love.

How do you find the right influencer to host a workshop?

The Artsy Craftsy (T.A.C) has always been in the biz to feature and collaborate with different artists and makers. Creative people usually approach us with their proposal on what they can offer/teach, and this is great because we expanded to setting up a studio, to provide a platform for them to educate enthusiasts with their creative knowledge. When curating for the right influencer to host, we look into 2 things using the first process (no.1 above), and then their experience in conducting workshops. However, if we do come across a creative who has never taught before, but would like to start teaching, then we will try to provide them a platform to kick start with. Everyone needs a chance and a place to start somewhere at least. We open to proposals from all, but for the workshop to come to fruition we always need a minimum of three students per class. 


Kuih Platter Workshop by @tinypinc

What has been the biggest challenge of being the founder of T.A.C?

A job in the creative field is truly a blessing, especially when your every day is filled with colours and making art. I would say, the no.1 challenge as a founder of The Artsy Craftsy, is trying to maintain a heightened creative biz in the creative community. Creativity as a business or a brand is still a niche in Malaysia. It is a unique business plan that sometimes prompt people to question “can you make money from arts & crafts?” And I would say, “Of course you can! You just have to find your edge and be the best in what you do best.” When I started The Artsy Craftsy as a personal blog in 2008, the scene was still taking baby steps. As my blog grew into a creative brand on its own, the creative community grew as well. Despite it being a niche, I am glad to see that more and more people are starting to open up to it.

Mission statement for the next 10 years?

I strive to keep the brand going that’s for sure. My mission is to create a legacy with The Artsy Craftsy, not just for the community but for my future family. Being born with a gift of art and creativity is truly a blessing; I would wish that it would be the same for my future kids and generation after them.

Words of advice to aspiring creativepreneurs?

Be the best in what you do best, and do it with love. Every detail counts, and every little effort, no matter how small it may be, goes a long way. Always remember that it is people who inspire people, and always stay humble and be kind to others. Work smart at the same time and play your cards right.

BAZAAR has shortlisted a crafty collection of must-go workshops from across The Artsy Craftsy August 2016 line up.

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Shake up your standard fete and mark your calendars.

6 August, 11am – 1.30pm

Flower Crown Making Workshop by @hanayabyzen


20 August, 11:30am – 2:30pm

Artsy Junk Journal Making Workshop, featuring instructor Corinne Jansz Orange Berry

art junk journal

21 Aug, 2pm – 6pm

Paint Your Soul Acrylic Portrait Workshop


27 Aug, 2pm – 4pm

Watercolour Jamming Session (limited to 10 seats)



For more details and how to get involved,

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