Do You Speak ‘Farshun’?

Sound like an industry insider with BAZAAR’s ultimate fashion glossary.

You’ll never confuse your baesics with your basics again.

AOP: All over print, à la a DVF wrap dress.

Arm party, or wrist party: A collection of jewellery on your wrist that works as a colourful whole. Finger or hand party can also be used when talking about the wearing of multiple rings.

Baesics: The wardrobe staples that you borrow from your boyfriend or significant other’s wardrobe. Most likely oversized tees, sweaters and jeans.

Basic: Began as meaning ‘wardrobe staple’ but can also be used as a derogatory term to describe something unappealing, pedestrian or expected. Can also be shorthand for a ‘basic bitch’; someone who is uninteresting and predictable. Ie “I spent all weekend in my yoga pants – how basic.”

Belfie: A selfie for your bum.

BIN: Buy it now. Often used on eBay to signify the ability to buy an item immediately, potentially at a higher cost, in order to avoid the bidding frenzy of an auction.

BNWT: Brand new with tags. Often used to descripe second hand clothing on eBay.

Die: A reaction to something really, really good. As in, “I die for that” or “To die for”. Also used for the same effect; “Dead”.

Drazer: A cross between a dress and a blazer; often double breasted.


Everything: The ultimate compliment. Ie “Gucci’s fur-trimmed loafers are everything.”

Fierce: Used to describe something that is really good and of exceptional value. Ie. “Girl, those spiked Louboutins are fierce.”

Frow: Front row. The prime location to be seated during a fashion runway show thanks to the unhindered view of the clothes, and also of the other front row guests.

Heaven: Something is so beautiful or wonderous that it transcends reality. Ie “Ellery’s latest collection is heaven.”

It: Used as a suffix for anything that is widely acknowledged to be enjoying a moment of popularity. Ie an ‘It girl’,’ or an ‘It bag’.

LBD: The little black dress. A closet staple for a reason.

LVMH: Louis Vuitton Moet Henessy. The Paris-based, multinational conglomerate that owns over 60 luxury and fashion brands – including Christian Dior, Céline, Dom Pérignon, Givenchy, Belevedere, Donna Karan, Sephora, Veuve Clicquot and, most recently, RM Williams.

LWD: Little White Dress. An update on the LBD.

On fleek: Something that is perfection or flawless. A combination of the words sleek and fly. Also see: On Point. Ie. “Eyebrows on fleek today.”

On Point: Something that is perfection. Also see: on fleek.

OOTD: Outfit of the day. Usually used on photographs of one’s own outfit on Instagram, accompanied by a hashtag.


OTK: Over the knee. Used in reference to boots (or sometimes socks) that finish above the knee, or at mid-thigh level.

OTT: Over the top. A way of describing something that is excessive, exagerated or overdone in terms of styling. Ie. “The Jeremy Scott show was fantastic, but a little OTT”.

Outrè: Something that is overdone or excessive. See OTT.

Passè: Something that is no longer in fashion, or is not trending.

Pelvage: Made famous by Kendall Jenner. Refers to when the split of your skirt starts so high it shows your pelvic bone.

PPW: Price per wear. Also known as cost per wear. Often used to justify the purchase of an expensive purchase; the theory being that the more regularly you wear an item, the lower the cost per wear becomes.

RTW: Ready to wear. The industry name given to the twice yearly collections produced on mass, in standardised sizes, and created for the commercial market – as opposed to the bespoke, made to measure haute couture collections. Also referred to a ‘pret-a-porter’.


Shoefie: A selfie for your shoes.

Shoulder-robing: The act of wearing your jacket over your shoulders like a cape.

Snaffle: To buy sneakily. Often in reference to a designer sample sale or a hefty online sale. Ie. “Wow, nice Wang wheels!” “Thanks, I snaffled them from The Outnet.”

Swan: Someone who may have begun life as an ugly duckling of sorts, but has since blossomed into a swan. Can also be used as a verb; ie to swan, or just, swanning. Ie. “That dress is swan,” or “Swan goals.”

Thrifting: The act of shopping for secondhand items, most often at an opportunity or vintage store.

VPL: Visible panty line. When you can see the outline of your underwear underneath your clothes. Highly undesirable, and a reason for the rising popularity of g-strings and seamless underwear.