Toast To 2018 With These Fine Wines

Turn your nose up at stodgy masterclasses, and dive right into 2018 with these fine wines. Much like the casual wine circles BAZAAR had a lot of fun participating in at Singapore Wine Fiesta 2017, this compendium of wines you have to have—and taste—will take you on a journey so rich and insightful, you’ll want to pair them with every meal, or alone. After all, as Ernest Hemingway once said, “Wine is the most civilised thing in the world.” 

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1. The Everyday Red

Casa Santos Lima, a Portuguese family-owned wine producer based in Lisbon, exports around 90 percent of its total product to all over the world. And rightfully so, for as we took our first sip of the Azulejo Vinho Regional Lisboa Red 2016, a delightful rush surged through the body. As Pedro d’Orel, export manager at Casa Santos Lima, puts it, this red is “not the kind of wine you make to put in the cellar; it’s an everyday wine.” So, have your glasses at the ready, and prepare to (want to) drink this on the daily!

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