How To Optimise Your Nutrition and Mental Health in Times of Stress, According to An Expert

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Safety is your main concern right now. Your health care practitioners are your allies. A patient’s individual plan of health care is based on their unique constitution, existing health, lifestyle, and personal needs. That is our focus at the Juhi Ash Center in New York City. Good health is not determined solely by the hands of Eastern or Western medicine. Good health is in the knowledge and use of both. And most importantly, it is in your own hands. I wholeheartedly advise that, wherever you live, you seek out what is broadly referred to as an Integrated Medical Practice. Not merely a Western physician who is okay with you getting acupuncture somewhere else. Or a gym with nutritional blood-testing abilities. Rather, a place where each is not only considered but has the ability to implement everything under one roof.

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With a healthy mind, we have the power to control our thoughts. With a healthy body, we have the power to act upon them. With a healthy soul, we have the opportunity to act with dignity.

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US



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