Lexie Rodriguez: Shaken Not Stirred


Lexie Rodriguez

Crafting the ultimate cocktail takes a hefty dose of imagination, bottles of creativity, and a spoonful of skill. My favourite ingredient to play with cocktails and mocktails right now is grapefruit, for so many reasons! Firstly, pink grapefruit makes a visually pretty drink, as well as a great base to work with that’s always a crowd pleaser. The fruit in itself is tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness; you can fashion cocktails and mocktails ranging from a tingling sour flavour to something deliriously sweet. Sexy cocktails that calorie counting fashionistas would go gaga for, who would have thought? Also it’s rich in vitamin C so a great whopping dose of it in your drink of choice will turn that cocktail into a health drink … practically.

Dining-Lexie2Grapefruit and ginger white wine cobbler

Dining-Lexie3 Grapefruit Collins

Grapefruit basil mojito mocktail

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