Lexus Reveals the Latest Re-Imagination of The Iconic Lexus ES Sedan

Since the birth of the Lexus in 1989, the Lexus ES was one of the first two models ever produced by the Japanese carmaker, introducing new standards of quality and refinement that would later become industry benchmarks. Now in its seventh generation, the all-new Lexus ES follows the LS and LC models in carrying forward a new chapter in Lexus design – one with a much stronger emotional quality.

Courtesy of Lexus Malaysia

Renowned for its comfort and refinement, the Lexus ES has become one of Lexus’ most popular sedans with over 2.3 million units sold over the past 30 years. Taking care to build on its already established strengths, the 2019 model reveals an all-new chassis that allows for more dynamic exterior design and even better driving performance.

Now available at Lexus Malaysia, the all-new Lexus ES is more spacious, quieter and safer than ever before, providing a level of craftsmanship rarely found in the mid-sized market. The new ES series gracefully balances unforgettably elegant design with AI-enhanced performance and state-of-the-art safety.


Going to the theme of ‘provocative elegance,’ the latest Lexus ES model appears markedly more dynamic, edgy and daring – a departure from previous generations regarded for their comfort and refinement. The 2019 ES iteration has revealed not only a sporty new look but also builds on its established features.

At the front, a completely redesigned spindle grille adorns the all-new ES for a striking look that instinctively reflects its improved performance. Along with the model’s distinctive ultra-compact LED indicator lights, its slim L-shaped head- and tail-lamps, a brand signature, provide enhanced illumination and increased visibility when turning. The latest generation of the iconic Lexus sedan also boasts more dynamic design enhancements, such as a rearward sloping roofline that enhances the coupe-like profile with more efficient aerodynamics.

Courtesy of Lexus Malaysia

Once inside the sedan, the new ES alludes to a more spacious and relaxing environment; a space where the driver can enjoy a driver-centric cockpit and a newly designed three-spoke steering wheel, while the passengers relish in roominess with increased legroom at the front and rear; the noticeably larger moonroof lets in more light and adds airiness to long-haul journeys.

In typical Lexus attention to detail, the updated ES possesses an assortment of details created exclusively to perfect and refine the driver/passenger comfort and experience, including Remote Touch Interface with a smartphone-like feel that is easy and intuitive to use. Positioned in the upper-centre section of the dashboard, the 12.3-inch-wide Electro Multi Vision display (8 inches wide for the ES 250 Premium) features crisp, easy-to-read graphics and a revised menu with GPS route navigation.

Equally appealing are the power-reclining rear seats. Re-engineered to treat passengers to a more expansive atmosphere, the sedan’s rear seating features increased legroom and headroom, and seats themselves that have been re-designed for maximum comfort and support. Enabled to make power adjustments forward or backward through eight degrees of recline, the rear seats have been optimised to better accommodate everyone, no matter the size of the person – a necessity for any cross-country jaunt.

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In addition to being eye-catching, elegant and peaceful, the new Lexus ES seals the deal in terms of driving performance. While it remains a front-wheel drive, the new model has been engineered to deliver effortless acceleration along with impressive efficiency.

Nestled under the hood is a newly developed 2.5-litre in-line 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces a total of 204hp at 6,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 247 Nm at 5,000 rpm. Equipped with a new 8-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission featuring AI Shift Control, which uses a transmission algorithm to intelligently manage shifts according to road speed and predicted driver intentions, this engine has one of the world’s highest levels of thermal efficiency and specific output for its displacement.

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By constantly monitoring the vehicle speed and the throttle position, the AI Shift Control system can shift early during relaxing driving or hold gears longer to give the driver a more engaged and predictable feel. This technology complements the already impressive Drive Mode selection which allows for the personalisation of driving performance. With the simple rotation of a knob, Drive Mode Select allows the driver to choose between fuel-efficient economical driving and enhanced responsiveness ‘sporty’ driving, or a balance of both, for smoother driving experience and optimal gear selection for all driving conditions.

Constructed of various grades of high-tensile steel, the Lexus ES has been enhancements with all-new multi-link rear suspension design, rack-mounted electric power steering and a V-brace behind the rear seat that gave the engineers the flexibility to tune the ES with a new-found precision. As a result, the engineers have been able to transform a sedan known primarily for comfort and quietness into one that is equally capable of delivering class-leading handling without compromising its already popular attributes.

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Perhaps the biggest story about the new Lexus ES is the innovation in combining elegant design and dynamic performance with safety. The 2019 ES model has been enhanced with an array of impressive features and safety innovations, including the latest version of Lexus Safety System + that boasts an advanced package of active safety technologies, making it one of the safest executive sedans in its class.

The Lexus Safety System + adds new capabilities and increases the range of driving scenarios in which it can provide extra alerts and safeguards to help prevent an accident from happening. These new features include a comprehensive Pre-Collision System using radar and cameras to detect vehicles or obstacles; Lane Departure Alert with Lane Tracing Assist, which helps keep the car from unintentionally moving outside a lane; and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function capable of low-speed following even in stop-and-go traffic conditions.

Courtesy of Lexus Malaysia

For the enhanced security of yourself, and yours truly, an advanced safety feature is the two-stage Adaptive High Beam system, which not only turns the headlight high beams on and off automatically for the driver, but its 24 individual LED light array can adapt the light pattern to provide an enhanced illumination without dazzling preceding or oncoming vehicles. Or the reverse camera that now has a pedestrian detection feature which will alert the driver so that caution will be taken while reversing – and no one will be injured.

Also added to the new-generation ES 250 Luxury is a Panoramic View Monitor that gives an all-round view, including a birds-eye view for easier manoeuvring during parking. An interesting feature of the display is a See-Through View & Moving View which shows a transparent image part of the car’s body and seat so the driver can ‘see’ around the car, enhancing the driver’s awareness of the surrounding areas.

With this integrated advanced package of active safety technologies, the Lexus ES adds to your peace of mind with its new capabilities and increased range of driving scenarios, which provides extra alerts and safeguards to prevent any accident from happening.

The all-new seventh-generation Lexus ES 2019 is available at Lexus Malaysia in two variants, the ES 250 Luxury and ES 250 Premium. For more information about Lexus ES 2019, visit