The New Year Revolution


It’s about time we fire up a Revolution to quell all Resolutions.  Let 2018 be a pledge of commitments to challenge the norms, such as blatantly drinking alcohol, do not exercise, have a cheat day every day, procrastinate defiantly and be openly lazy.  If you wish to join the coup d'état, here are the win-win strategies:

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Do not adopt a pet

Even the best of pedigrees cannot differentiate between a pair of bedroom slippers you bought from Daiso or Burberry.  It would inadvertently crap in the one that cost ten times more than the purchase price of that mongrel.  There is no thrill in emptying kitty litter or any delight in prising open a saliva-dripping-clenched jaw to slip in a deworming tablet.  Pick a pet rock from your garden and nurture it instead and save yourself tons of money and time.  Give them creative names such as Pussy, Dick or Boobsy; and enjoy startle faces when you said, “I spent all weekend stoking my Pussy” and add with a cheeky wink, “It’s most satisfying”

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