The New Year Revolution


It’s about time we fire up a Revolution to quell all Resolutions.  Let 2018 be a pledge of commitments to challenge the norms, such as blatantly drinking alcohol, do not exercise, have a cheat day every day, procrastinate defiantly and be openly lazy.  If you wish to join the coup d'état, here are the win-win strategies:

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Don’t spend more time with family

Family is the root of all your troubles.  Beside, you are already spending far more time with them than you realise, i.e. Chinese New Year, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc.  You deserve more “me” time.  Make legitimate sounding excuses such as “it’s ovulating time of the month”; this will guarantee you off the hook as family members are easily embarrassed by their own kinfolk talking about sex so openly.  If you are past child bearing age, lock your door when children make impromptu visits to see you.  It only means one thing: they want MONEY!

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