These Ultra Cool Spaces Around The World That Are #AestheticGoals

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Design Museum Holon, Israel

Fine lines for a dramatic drama design statement

A discussion and exploration of design, Design Museum Holon is the result of a 16-year regeneration programme in the city of Holon, just outside Israel’s capital Tel Aviv. The first engaging element is the fluidity that the building presents; tightly woven, curved ribbons of different shades of weathered steel take the viewer on an otherworldly visual journey. Inside, the galleries celebrate the abundance of the Mediterranean sunshine. The ongoing exhibition of the work of Dutch designer Maarten Baas, titled ‘Hide & Seek’ speaks about the boundaries between intellect and feeling, freedom and limitation, as well as the fine line between the truth and a lie.

Dutch designer Maarteen Baas at his ‘Hide & Seek’ exhibition

Fans from the ‘Clay’ series , 2007, Maarteen Baas

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