BAZAAR Kindness: Stop Cyber Bullying

Be mindful about your comments online, remember to always be kind and there’s no need for nasty comments.



For the month of October Bazaar took it upon ourselves to launch our Anti-Cyber Bullying campaign to remind everyone to be kind while online. We spoke to three ladies who are active on social media, they have experience negative comments and nasty followers. We urge you to take a stand, upload an image of yourself with an anti-bullying quote. Hashtag  #DONTBEABULLY and tag @harpersbazaarmy

Alicia Amin

We spoke to model Alicia Amin about her experience with online hate,  Here’s what she had to say.



How do you deal with negative comments online?

I don’t. I have a trusted circle of people whose opinions I hold in high regard, everything else is just noise.

Have you been a victim of cyber bullying? What did you do?

I think being in my position- especially as someone who does not conform to the mould of society, it’s something I’ve been mentally prepared for. I learnt over time to accept that people are allowed their own opinions and that I have to focus on a bigger goal that doesn’t rely on the image others have of me.

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Do you think it’s better to speak up or to be silent on social media? Why?

I think there’s a time and place for everything. Within a certain context like support, awareness & defending injustice of course we should speak up. But navigating through which side you’re on can also be a cause for social media bullying. Humans psychologically respond to chaos, so it really depends on everyones personal threshold. If you see a fire you can’t put out, it’s best to avoid it before it burns you. If you think you can handle it, go forth and keep fighting the good fight.


Naddy Rahman

Naddy Rahman tells Bazaar how she deals with negative comments and keyboard warriors.

How do you manage your Instagram profile? Do you share everything online?

I don’t go online all the time & I will only post on certain timings. I try not to be on it for so long & I follow the people that only inspires me. No I don’t share everything online. I don’t share very personal photos or moments. Just certain moments/content enough for everyone to see what I’m up to such as what I do daily, behind the scenes moments, what I eat & the things I love.

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 Have you been a victim of cyber bullying or negative comments? How did you deal with it?

Yes I have. I get really weird, mean & negative comments once in a while. I usually delete the comments & block the user. Cause mental health & positivity is important for me. However, there are certain times I personally message them and “kill them with kindness” when their comments are a bit harsh.


Do you think it’s better to speak up or to be silent on social media? Why?

When things get out of hand or a bit much, I do believe it’s best to speak up. Some people should be taught a lesson. I think it’s important to stand up for yourself because there are a lot of cyber bullying victims out there & we must show them to be brave & it’s ok to speak up.


Nalisa Amin

Model Nalisa Amin who adovocates for real beauty and body acceptance, is no stranger to cyber bullying. She tells Bazaar’s how she deals with it all.

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What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is all about attitude to me. That self-confidence, authenticity and good energy people carry is what I find beautiful. It’s an added point if they have a personal sense of style and carry it unapologetically. I also find beauty in the simple things in life, like sunsets.


Have you been a victim of cyber bullying or negative comments? How did you deal with it?
Definitely, and it wasn’t an easy feat. Although it does affect my mental health ‘til the point I had to retreat myself from social media but a lot of the struggles I faced from cyberbullying somehow helped me escalate my self-love and healing journey further. I’m too stubborn to let others win me over and that made me more resilient throughout the years.


Have you ever thought of turning off comments on your Instagram?Why?

No, I just don’t find the energy for it and I just see these negative comments as they’re talking to a wall.