Fashion Documentaries to Watch This Weekend

As we move into the last weekend of the month, here are our four favourite fashion documentaries to watch before we settle into May. From experiencing the life behind the preparations of The Met Ball with Anna Wintour to being inspired by fellow women to embrace style at any age, you’ll be moved by the stories these industry pioneers have to say.

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Image: IMDB

The First Monday in May (2015)

The storm before the calm – as Anna Wintour would put it. As we get ourselves prepared for the glitz and glam of The Met Ball on the May 1, The First Monday in May will settle you in for what is to expect this year. Featuring the illustrious and allusive figures of the fashion and entertainment industry, Anna Wintour and Tom Bolton walks us through the process of putting together one of the most toughest and extraordinary events in the fashion industry.

Before the documentary, there was the controversial talk on the Asian-inspired theme of The Met Ball in 2015. After walking through the process of how The Met Ball has come to be, the understanding of the vision unfolds. Being an event that takes months to plan ahead, we understand the amount of hustle and creative thought process put in appreciation of the Eastern cultures. Not forgetting, Rihanna’s donning of Guo Pei’s first-ever masterpiece.

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