Fashion Documentaries to Watch This Weekend

As we move into the last weekend of the month, here are our four favourite fashion documentaries to watch before we settle into May. From experiencing the life behind the preparations of The Met Ball with Anna Wintour to being inspired by fellow women to embrace style at any age, you'll be moved by the stories these industry pioneers have to say.

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Dior and I (2014) 

Tap into the journey of then-creative director Raf Simons as he takes on his first Dior runway show in Autumn/Winter ’12. As a man known for his minimalist attributes in the industry, Simons challenges himself to grasp the inspiration of the late visionary Christian Dior on couture and to curate showstopper runways with Dior’s top atelier craftsmen. With deadlines piling in to acquire quality fabrics, Simons pushes through with a remarkable runway show that has bloomed in memory.

Watching this documentary was like walking through a whole new wonderland of the fashion industry. To be known for his minimal yet tailored aesthetic, Raf Simons took on a challenge to curate a collection in a whole new aesthetic of high-couture flair was truly inspirational. From the little details crafted by the atelier team down to the outfit delegation, we started to learn the deep appreciation of the value and time put into each and every piece. Bravo, Raf Simons.

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