Fashion Documentaries to Watch This Weekend

As we move into the last weekend of the month, here are our four favourite fashion documentaries to watch before we settle into May. From experiencing the life behind the preparations of The Met Ball with Anna Wintour to being inspired by fellow women to embrace style at any age, you'll be moved by the stories these industry pioneers have to say.

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Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

A documentary on the late Bill Cunningham,  respected street style photographer. Cunningham was a man that knew no boundaries and did not discriminate style by hierarchy standards. As Cunningham quoted, “I am not interested in celebrities and their free dresses. I’m interested in clothes!”

Honouring his work, this documentary speaks so much of the man that he was and his legend up till today. The genuine and sincere passion of Cunningham moved the whole documentary. He was a man who appreciated the beauty of film and rode his bicycle scouting for new inspiration day after day. Cunningham personified “do what you love”, and his perspective on his creative work and lifestyle got me thinking of my own. An inspiring story on a man who lived his days to the fullest.

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