Fashion Documentaries to Watch This Weekend

As we move into the last weekend of the month, here are our four favourite fashion documentaries to watch before we settle into May. From experiencing the life behind the preparations of The Met Ball with Anna Wintour to being inspired by fellow women to embrace style at any age, you'll be moved by the stories these industry pioneers have to say.

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Image: IMDB

Advanced Style (2014)

A charming and sweet biography of seven inspiring New Yorkers who have lived their years being true enthusiasts of personal style. A piece produced by street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen, he devoted to showing how style transcends age in an inspiring and quirky way. As Joyce Carpati said, “I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great as I can at any age.” A documentary that would put a smile on your face to see how these women love fashion.

Even while watching the trailer, I honestly  caught the infectious happiness on the looks of these seven beautiful women. Watching the immense contentment and acceptance of their time was truly inspiring, especially since they live their lives without care about outside judgements and stereotypical restrictions society would impose on women of a certain age.  What can I say? If Joyce Carpati, at age 85, can look as fabulous as she did when she was in her 20s, we ought to pick up some fashion tips and vitality secrets from her.


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