8 Interiors Trends Making Waves For Summer 2019


As the bridge between fashion and interiors narrows, more and more of us want to spend our money on our homes. For those of us not naturally gifted with interiors know-how, we've spoken to the experts, from homeware specialist Matilda Goad to interior designer Lucy Barlow, to find out how to update your living space for summer 2019.

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“In an increasingly technological world, we are turning an interest back towards figuration and, in particular, the nude,” said Georgia Spray, founder of online art destination Partnership Editions. “What draws me to nudes is the fact that they are timeless and captivating. Timeless because they are not clothed in anything that gives a sense of fashion or trend, and therefore will continue to have relevance in your collection. Captivating, because we can relate to nudes in their humanness – whether they are awkward, anxious or beautified, we can celebrate the wonder of the human body in its unclothed state.

How to incorporate it at home:

“I don’t think that people should worry that a nude will shock in any way in the context of their home. I think the unclothed body in art has an amazing lack of shame, which is totally empowering and celebratory. In regards to display, they should be positioned as artworks in their own right, rather than to match your interiors scheme. Buy what you love and then think about how to display it once you’ve got it home.”

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