This Luxury Automotive Marque Is Driving Electric Mobility In Malaysia

Luxury automotive marques have had to step up their eco game—it’s never been this trendy to go green or #SayNoToPlastic. When a private car is your main mode of transportation on the daily, it’s hard to reduce or mitigate your carbon footprint, but BMW is catching up, and making electric mobility a norm as much as technology is ingrained in our lives. BAZAAR lists BMW’s top 2018 moments, and how they are furthering the eco spirit and putting electric mobility at the forefront of its 2019 business philosophy.

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Power in personalisation

BMW eDrive system

We all know about innovative driving modes; whether it’s comfort, eco, or sport, you’ve most likely tried your hand at switching between the notches between drives, and feeling the difference in power, comfort, or fuel consumption. But imagine this: a BMW car, with an eDrive system that hosts three different modes (Auto eDrive, Max eDrive, and Battery Control) so that you can max out on the conscious eco efforts. This green initiative knows no limits!

What the BMW eDrive system can do for you:

  • Auto eDrive allows you to drive up to 80km/h on electric mode.
  • Max eDrive solely depends on electric power, to reach a maximum speed of 140km/h
  • Battery Control opens the decision making to the driver, to manually engage the high-voltage battery by setting the charge value to be availed for pure-electric driving later in the journey.
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This may all sound a little confusing, but get behind the wheel of an iPerformance car, and you’ll immediately appreciate the freedom to toy around and tailor these modes to your driving style.

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