This Luxury Automotive Marque Is Driving Electric Mobility In Malaysia

Luxury automotive marques have had to step up their eco game—it’s never been this trendy to go green or #SayNoToPlastic. When a private car is your main mode of transportation on the daily, it’s hard to reduce or mitigate your carbon footprint, but BMW is catching up, and making electric mobility a norm as much as technology is ingrained in our lives. BAZAAR lists BMW’s top 2018 moments, and how they are furthering the eco spirit and putting electric mobility at the forefront of its 2019 business philosophy.

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The winner every woman needs

The first-ever BMW 5 Series hybrid with eDrive technology

The BMW 530e iPerformance has the winning spot in the Midsize Car category of AAA’s 2018 Green Car Guide. Ranked based on its high fuel efficiency, ride quality, safety, and performance, this plug-in hybrid is made for the eco-conscious woman who values the quiet design, efficient power, and smart energy distribution of an everyday car. The BMW 530e Sport is RM328,800 on-the-road, without insurance.

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