This Luxury Automotive Marque Is Driving Electric Mobility In Malaysia

Luxury automotive marques have had to step up their eco game—it’s never been this trendy to go green or #SayNoToPlastic. When a private car is your main mode of transportation on the daily, it’s hard to reduce or mitigate your carbon footprint, but BMW is catching up, and making electric mobility a norm as much as technology is ingrained in our lives. BAZAAR lists BMW’s top 2018 moments, and how they are furthering the eco spirit and putting electric mobility at the forefront of its 2019 business philosophy.

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What’s new, bimmer?

BMW charging into 2019

A large part of BMW’s vision for 2019 is to further the luxury marque’s spirit of electric mobility. Out of the 14,338 vehicles delivered to homes across Malaysia in 2018, 7,500 were of BMW and Mini’s plug-in hybrid variants. That’s more than half of its customers, which not only spell out the demand here, but also BMW’s desire to supply.

And to further enable this spirit of electric mobility, BMW’s partnership with GreenTech Malaysia has provided the automaker direct support by the ChargEV platform, Malaysia’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions.

Okay, but what does this mean to you, the consumer? While BMW i Charging Facilities are now readily available and expanding as you read this, ChargEV functions as a partner charging facility, to provide straightforward access and 24/7 to BMW customers enrolled in its BMW 360° Electric programme.

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