The 17 Places to Travel in 2018

If 2017 was all about gorgeous landscapes, bucket list trips, the world's best beaches and traveling closer to home, 2018 is all about thinking outside the box for a great escape. The world is officially rethinking luxury travel, with people looking to explore the world now more than ever. Leave your presumptions about certain parts of the world at home and get your passports ready–these are the 18 top places to travel in 2018.

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Why to go: In February 2018 the winter Olympic games will take over PyeongChang, a county about 80 miles to the east of Seoul, making this an ideal time to mark two trips off your travel bucket list at once. With a vibrant, friendly culture and a food scene that will give any gourmand goosebumps (you may never go back to ordinary fried chicken again), Korea is fast becoming one of Asia’s top travel destinations. Start your stay in Seoul to take in the bustling city that boasts some of the best food in the world; then, head towards the Olympic village to take in all the updates the country’s made as a result of their athletic arrivals.

What to do: Korea’s spa and skincare culture have been the darling of the American beauty scene for several years now, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the real deal–like a full sauna-scrub-massage session at the eight-floor Dragon Hill Spa & Resort, or a customized facial at Shangpree. After getting treated like royalty, why not see how they lived too? Seoul is home to five major historical palaces, but if you only have time for one, opt for the Changdeokgung. The most visually stunning of the group, the property served as the principal royal residence for nearly three centuries. Walk through the Seoullo 7017, a newly opened overpass-turned-park that serves as a rare green space in this busy metropolis. Keep to the Olympic theme by touring Seoul’s Olympic Park, the site of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, now home to a modern art gallery, two history museums, as well as a park dotted with sculptures.

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